What is the Gold Wing Road Riders Association?
The GWRRA Home Page answers it best.  Click here.
Do I have to own a Gold Wing or Valkyrie to become a member of GWRRA?
No.  Associate Memberships are available for anyone wishing to join (even if you don't currently own a motorcycle).
What's the difference between a GWRRA membership and a Chapter membership?
If you're a member of GWRRA, you can belong to any one or more local Chapters you wish.
How much does it cost to join a Chapter?
Nothing!  GWRRA membership is all that's required.
Do I have to be a GWRRA or Chapter member to attend your events?
No.  We welcome you to attend our events, check us out, and see if Chapter Z is for you.
I've never ridden in a group before.  Can I come along on rides?
Absolutely!  Just let the Road Captain/Ride Leader know that you're new to group riding, and they will place you at an appropriate spot within the group. 
I've ridden with groups before, but I'm not quite comfortable.  Can I still ride along?
Sure!  Just let the Road Captain/Ride Leader know that you'll be an Outrider.  You can then follow behind the group, meet up at the destination, and have fun with us.
What CB channel does the Chapter use on Group Rides?
Our "standard" CB channel is 1.  If there is interference, the Road Captain may designate an alternate channel.
I'm a fairly new Gold Wing rider.  Do you offer courses or seminars?
You bet!  We offer GWRRA seminars on several topics, including Group/Team Riding, becoming a Road Captain, Trailering, Trike Riding, Parking Lot Practice, Co-Rider safety, Motorcycle Crash Scene Response and more.
I've heard about the GWRRA Rider Education Program, and Levels 1-4.  What's that all about?
The GWRRA Rider Education Program levels are explained here, but our Chapter Educators can also tell you more about them and get you enrolled or promoted to the next level.
I'm ready to sign up for GWRRA membership.  How do I do it?
See our Become a Member page.
I'm a member of GWRRA and I've decided to join Chapter Z.  How do I do it?
We'll be happy to give you a New Member Packet at any monthly Chapter Gathering.
I still have some questions about GWRRA.  Is there more information available?
Certainly!  Search the GWRRA National website, or see their F.A.Q. page.
I still have some questions about Chapter Z.  How can I get more information?
The best way is to contact our Chapter Director.  Contact information can be found on the Welcome page.